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Next season is going to be better than ever at MidMichigan Motorplex. Mary Jo is stepping up everything. First things first. The new class (which is looking for a class sponsor).
Here are the preliminary rules, but NOT set in stone yet. They will be finalized in a couple weeks after the PRI Show and I will post them immediately. Almost the same as Milan's event.

All Motor Class
- No huge forward facing hood scoops allowed.
- .400 Pro Tree – 16 Car Qualified Field
- No Power Adders
- Auto Trans or Clutch Assisted Stick Only (NO Clutchless Transmissions)
- All Cars Must be Shifted Manually – NO Electric or Air Shifters
- Maximum Tire 29.5 x 10.5 (NO W's allowed) Drag Radials are OK they must not be larger than spec slick
- Single Carb or EFI
- Cast Intake Only (No Sheet Metal Intakes)
- 4 Link, Ladder Bar and Stock Style Suspension Allowed - NO Wheelie Bars
- Stock Frame Rail from Firewall Forward - NO Tube Chassis Front End
- Fiberglass: Hood, Bumpers, Deck Lid or Hatch Only (2 Maximum Allowed ie: Bumpers & Hood, Hood & Hatch)
- Stock Glass with the exception to Rear Hatch or Rear Truck Window
- Stock Appearing Interior, Including TWO Front Seats
- Must use Mufflers
- All NHRA rules apply

Small Block minimum weight 2900#'s
Big Block minimum weight 3300#'s

Entry fee will be $50
1st - $600
2nd- $200
semis - $100
1/4's - $50

All of the current classes have no rule changes. It sounds like Pro Street is being eliminated. Payouts are for the second year in a row are
going up!! Outlaw 10.5 $800 to win, All Motor $600 to win, S/S $500 to win, R/S $400 to win, Street ET $1000 to win
All entry fee's are going up, Two reasons, Better payouts number one and number two is basically inflation, track insurance is up, gasoline, glue, you name it, it's gone up. All Pro classes are now $50 to enter, The Street ET Class will be $30.
There will be at least 9 races next year, and possibly 10(TBD).
They are currently working very hard on a year end points championships, bonus stuff to be announced later.
She is very excited about next year and so is DTS, as I spoke to Gordon earlier today also. It's time to get the program up to the next level and she is taking the first step with help from all of the sponsors.
If anyone would like to help out in any way, you can reach Mary Jo at the track phone during the day at 989-831-9038

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This new class is looking for a sponsor. I have the information if anyone is interested. Current Sponsors are DTS(Event & Street ET), Perfect Circle(Real Street), ASI/RaceFab(Super Street) & Kirker Racing Products(Outlaw True 10.5)
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