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I lived in an adolescent gear head frat house of sorts for a while right out of high school. We'd all get tanked and come up with stupid ideas. Here's a couple we actually followed through with.

"Mower of Death and Destruction"

16hp Briggs rider. Seat lowered, swapped in custom drive pulleys, notched the front of the frame and lowered the front suspension. Wheelie bars, Rigged foot throttle control from motorcycle brake levers, sport bike exhaust etc...

GPS clocked mower at 32mph! It was one ruff ride!.

First trials without wheelie bars. Thats me almost 14 years ago… jeesh I look like I’m 12.

Final product, we could stand it up and ride down the street with front wheels in the air!

"Nitro Kart"

Setup up a N20 dry kit and I rigged up my custom "proPAIN injection" for enrichment. Worked well, until we upped the jets. With the propane and spray, it shot about an 8" bright green flame out the tail pipe. Drove this to a few street racing meets, it was a hit! The kart also had neon green lighting under the frame.

A thing of beauty...

That’s all I got, What kind of toys have you all made?
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