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god i hate these damn forums that talk ass crap about china parts, i tested this shit out to the fullest heres the combo, 400 sbc there 4340 crank and h beam rods 6 inch, i went with there 215cc heads, did my own porting, shoved 2.08 valves in them, still used there seats and guides, went with there 670 lift valve spring and retainer kit, there solid lifters, on a crane 264 270 solid flat tappet. there shaft offest 1.65 rockers, there fake ass billet oil pump, there fake ass timing belt setup, there mice distributor, and even there damn ignition box then to top it all off i went with there nice ass hogan wannabe fabricated sheetmetal intake and a threw twin 650's on that damn thing.

i spent a whopping 4000 bucks on what looks like a bad ass pro stock style motor, slapped it into my 76 camaro and threw a muncie 4 speed with all the goodies behind it.

now i started it up in the car with a set of custom made headers i had from my last motor 2 inch primaries and 4.5 slip collector and it idled like john forces funny car and never missed a beat so i got the cam ready to roll threw it on the trailer the next day and went to the track, i wrote built tough with procomp stuff in the back window to see what peeps would say and man did i get some middle fingers!!!!

and at 3400 pounds launching on a 4000rpm 2 step shifting at 7800 rpm guess what that "hunk of shit ran"??????

a 10.33 at 133 mph and did it 6 f*$%#ing times with out a damn hickup!!!!!!!!

parts dont mean shit if ya dont set it up right!!!! so dont say fuck procomp untill your 4000 dollar crap motor is running faster than mine!!! ha ha ha and if you think it wont last long i did this build 2 years ago and im still beatin on it today!!!!!!!!! good ol china!!!!! lmfao:party
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