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DOHC 4v - Stock forged Cobra crank or aftermarket?

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I'm just trying to get a better idea of when its necessary to upgrade from the stock Cobra crank?

I run a cog drive Procharger now, its x2 keyed, with an ATI dampner, and the everything was balanced precisely. But I'm starting to see more and more guys snapping off the snouts of the Cobra cranks, mostly guys running the big twin screw blowers - Whipple and KB.

Starting to think that the cog really beats up the motor and I am really putting the entire motor on the line everytime I'm at the track with the car. If the crank broke and the chains came off and I lost timing, the entire motor could end up junk.

I'm contemplating a move to a big, single turbo 88mm+, and I just want to figure out if a move to the new Boss 5.0 block is necessary (Teksid now), and if I need to upgrade to a stronger forged crank, or possibly a billet piece.

I would probably turn out the #'s I make now with 5 less psi thru an 88, and it will be much easier on parts.

I know Joey Bridge goes high 7's with a stock Cobra crank and a Teksid block, so it seems like there may be no need to re-invent the wheel here - just have it assembled by a pro, and go race.
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We are making about 2500 HP at 9200 rpm with a stock Cobra crank. The only thing we did is to cut down the the circumference of the counterweights and add some heavy metal.
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