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Does nitrous go bad?

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Simple question, here's the reason I ask:

I have a bottle that was filled shortly before my uncle passed away, it was his. It was supposed to be used in the T-bucket, but won't be, my grandfather won't allow it, which is fine, that thing will be hairy enough on the throttle alone.

Anyway, I have the bottle and plan on using it in my truck, but has been sitting for about 3 years. It's looking liek it will be at least another 4 to 6 months before I use it.

So, does nitrous go bad? Could it cause problems with the engine, if a bad bottle was used, or just no power made? Anything else that should be said?
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matt mcarthur said:
in a word... NO.
Cool, that's what I wanted to hear. :-D
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