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Does anyone make this AN fitting?

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I know a guy looking for a -10 female to male straight fitting. He cant use 2 fittings connected to each other, I guess its too long. Does anyone make a straight fitting? I found the female to male 45* but that doesnt help him. Thanks-Dan
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Hit up Joel Orme of Orme Brothers on here with a PM (his user name is OB1) or give him a call. If anyone's gonna know it's him. Here's his information from his signature.

"Hose and Fittings for Industry and Performance"
Muchas Gracias.
I was looking for one last spring..the closest I could come was this..:
a F-F swivel mated to a M-M union should be about the same length as a fitting that did it all in one. M-M unions have almost no length when screwed into the femal end.
russell p/n's (different #s for different colors)
640023 (black f-f)
660371 (endura m-m)
Give Steve johnson at Induction-Solutions a call for those.

Other than that, the gauge port one above or a 45* or a m-m-f Tee with one side capped are the only options I see.
It wouldn't be anondized, but Parker has that fitting. Any hydraulic shop should be able to get one, or maybe have one in stock.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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