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I purchased a radiator from this guy about a month ago. Heres the original thread:
He said it was in great shape, no leaks, kept his race car real nice and cool. He was asking 85 dollars for it, i needed it fast so i sent a paypal of 100 right away along with a message saying i threw in 15 for shipping and to let me know if it was enough. turned out the shipping was 30 not 15 but he still sent it.
So i purchased the radiator, when it showed up at my house, not only was it not a griffin, but the fan was some chinese one, and the radiator had a hole where his trans cooler looked like it had been mounted. I contacted him right away and told him and he said "he had nooo idea there was a hole" but he agreed to pay half of what it cost to fix, i bought some radiator repair stuff for 50 bucks, lets just say he didnt give me a dime for that, but i said whatever, i fixed it i will just leave it alone.
Finally got my car together and it would not stop overheating, to make a long story short i put a ton of time and money into figuring out the over heating problem, and it turned out that the rows were balooned in the radiator as well, something i did not notice for awhile.
Here is the thread showing all of the b.s i went through trying to figure out the overheating issue:

since then ive contacted him to get my money back but he just thinks its a big joke. Yeah its only 100 dollars, but to me thats alot.

here was out last private message convo: 9/4/08

me: Ok, if you dont want to do what is right, i guess ill be making a negative seller post with detailed pictures, along with your full name and yellowbullet name, good luck selling stuff in the future.

dotdot:Big deal, I help you add on to your thread.

Heres his info:
phone# 708-257-2896

this was the paypal info:

Sent to:
Adriana C Patrylak Email:
[email protected] will post pictures soon.
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