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This Detroit street car didn't lose to a Chicago race car????

Same race but from the stands... It's the second race on this video...

what is funny is that white car with the black hood... DEFINATLY STREET CAR!! thats a damn pumpgas car!!!

dont forget Chitown has had the fastest street cars in the country... Marko's supra (he sold it) street driven 8.30's, SP Supra 8.40s (still have it), Tom and John (the greeks) with their ls1 transam (CamnHawk) car is ALL MOTOR fastest ls1 in the country!!

so stop sayin all of the cars in chicago are race cars!! Those were 3 STREET driven examples...

i remember driving 40miles with marko and pulling into a parking lot at 2am.. he then spotted out a crazy modded EVO... 20 lengths and knocked his dick back in.. when to breakfast and went home!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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