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Good Afternoon all Imailed out two boxes a week or so to go to Afghanistan .. if you still want to donate the next box goes out 22 Jan 17

. McKinney Connects Racing Community With MilitaryCurrently Serving

Overseas Still accepting donations for military moraleboost

From his timeserving as a Masterchief with the US Navy and work with the

US Army, Lee McKinney understands the toll deploymenttakes on military

personnel. And as an IHRA Official at San AntonioRaceway, McKinney knows

firsthand the giving heart behind motorsports teams,series, and companies.

Several years ago McKinney began collecting donations ofshirts, hats,

diecast cars, and more to send to servicemen and womenserving in

Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Kuwait and ships at sea. Theresponse from the

racing community has been overwhelming. McKinney hasshipped 599 boxes, and


He continues to dothis year after year,(Started the program in 2001) and

is currently preparing a pallet of items to be shippedout at the end of

Dec. "I can't thank everyone that's donatedenough," stated McKinney. "It

means more to the troops than we can really say. Withmultiple deployments

to Iraq and Afghanistan I know what it feels like to bedeployed. To know

that people back home are thinking of them and careenough to send them

something, even something small, reminds them why they'rethere, and keeps

their spirits up in the midst of very difficultsituations. In the past we

have had an overwhelming response. The past couple ofyears, however, the

response has been very small. I have only sent out fewboxes to the troops

compared to the six or seven that I typically send outeach Christmas time.

Those who wish todonate to McKinney's project can send souvenirs and items

Lee McKinney

Command SecurityManager/BDE SSO

470th MilitaryIntelligence Brigade 4270 Gorgas Circle

Ft Sam Houston,Texas 78234

"Again, I want to reiterate how much I appreciateall the support from teams

and companies, many of which have given for several yearsnow. Together we

are making a difference in the lives of our troops."

For more information contact McKinney via email at

[email protected], or by phone: 210-355-0726
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