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deep water boat for sale on lake erie !

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anyone living on lake erie heres a chance for a steal ! older boat but in great shape and great price , 74 baja cabin, 32' 10-6'' beam , i used it for deep lake fishing and now no one has time to go fishing, getting a smaller boat for 2 people ! brand new cummins 555 diesel engine and new twin disc tranny, has everything inside needed , shitter, kitchen , 2 fridges, couch, vcr , microwave oven, we kill the fish with it but its just too much boat for one or two people , in the water now for try out or fishing trip to show how good it is ! troll all day long at 500 rpms and about 10 gallons of fuel ! located in dunkirk ny,

8,000 or best offer ,all new fishing gear can go with it for extra !
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this thing is a fishing fool !!! we kill the wally's and trout, just too much for one person ! anyone interested i will give a day of fishing to check er out ! 8 poles at a time always and 10 available ! 6 lead core and 4 riggers !comes with fish finder and drift bags !
7,000 b/o gotta go new boat on the way and i dont need two ! this is a friggin steal, dont miss out cause you think somethings wrong with it ! its a great boat !
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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