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I wonder why these tards don't have jobs because they must work hard at TRYING to spam people.

When I'm not gonna be close to a computer for email, I just put my cell number on the ad for them to call or text. It's a business phone and I don't do email or internet on it.. That kind of phone is just too big for me to carry to be worth my effort.

I get some stupid Nigerian style crap in or generic texts. Just like the silly ass emails.

Here's the last text I got on an ad for selling a boat.

From: 413-337-1833
Sent: Oct 24,2011 4:23 pm
Msg: hi my name is joey and im messageing you about your ad could you please email me more information on it at
[email protected] . cash in hand.

thanks .

Do these yahoos use a VOIP app on a computer for this crap or what?

That number tracks back to Charlemont, Mass.

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Cell phone?

What kind of scam do you think that is?

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