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Go to the bottom of the page and cast your vote as to weather you think the new law is fair or unfair.

This is the law that was passed in Ontario Canada last fall.
This law is not just for street racers but people doing more than 50 kph over the limit, unsafe lane changes, spinning tires etc.

The police have the right to suspend your licence on the spot and impound your car on the spot for 7 days at your expense.

If you are found not guilty, you have no way to recover your expenses. The law so far only has a 30 % conviction rate.
Two Ontario police officers and a garbage truck have already been charged under this law.

law explained here,189.0.html

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ya some 80 + year old going about 160 kph.

As I also said above, they got two on duty opp cops under this too.
The garbage tuck was going down hill in and 80 zone that changed to 50 at the bottom of the hill. Truck was doing 100.

There was also a car impounded under this law on his way to the drag strip for having a nitrous bottle in it.
Car was pulled over in a spot check about a mile from the track.

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I don't like the term "Street Racing" being used by our politicians for a case that is people speeding
We had a young local girl charged in our area doing 100 km/hr in a 50. She was 20 yrs old and in a mini van coming into town. People who know her are quite mad over this
If it was a young guy driving a Hot Rod, no one would question it.

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some of the comments on the poll

Please Add Comments(18)
No,it's not unfair to take out risk takers and unsafe drivers. I'm sure the general public appreciates that our roads are safer. Statistics speak for themselves. You drive responsibly, you deserve to have a driver's license.

Swaziyz Kuziknzykyz
That's right Canadian sheep, let your government continue to strip your charter rights away. Let them continue to make the police judge and jury. Executioner next? Oh, wait, forgot about the tazer. Already there.
Wake up people, nothing, ever justifies losing your rights to a hearing in court. Nothing. Ever. Never. No Exceptions. Get the point? Wake up sheep!!!

Keep the vehicles for a whole month.

TR Beveridge
A law like the anti-racing law that can prove to reduce it's target by 40% in a year is worth it IMO.

Overall, the law allows for the occasional lead foot and it acts as a deterant for those who would be tempted to ignor the law. I think it is well rounded.

Wayne Foster
For sure!!!

IMHO is should be dropped to 30klm's over the limit instead of 50.

There is no reason to be driving that fast.

This law is fair. It is a good deterent to speeding. It works for me. I used to speed a lot. I think there should be stiffer penalties.

The Posted limit is a top speed limit, if you go over you should be prepared to pay the fine.

I think it's perfectly fair.

There's absolutely NO reason to speed on public roadways.

Swaziyz - are you speaking by personal experience?

What ever happened to due process? Drivers are found guilty on the side of the road while a man like Vincent Li gets to wait to speak to a lawyer about his “alleged” crime? This issue is not about speeding. It’s about our rights.

Yes, this new law is way too unfair. It is too tolerant and lenient. Once again our political leaders are letting the criminals who live amongst us to get away with wholly disrespectful behaviour that could result in our death and the death of our loved ones. Our political leaders are playing the popularity game with our lives.

Swaziyz Kuziknzykyz - what 'charter right' are you talking about? The right to drive like an idiot? The point of this law is that, if you are found to be endangering lives with your inability to drive lawfully, an immediate resolution is made available. The result is safer roads. Would you prefer that, if you're getting mugged in the street, that the police wait until the accused has had a trial before they pull the appropriate weapon? It's really no different: simply put, it gives the police the same ability to take action as if there were someone with a weapon on the loose. I'm all for it - and for the record, I used to have a heavy foot - I've increased the use of cruise control, and now drive at or just over the limit.

Thats the problem people, you all are misinformed about this law.
Being mixed in with the 50 over rule.
The 50 over rule can stay. I don't care.
Its the other reasons you can be charged under this law that are unfair and the simple fact that the punishment is a violation of our charter of rights.

Do you really believe that all the people charged were "street racing" or going more than 50 over?
No there are unsafe turns and spinning tires or just simply having racing equipment in your car while driving responsibly on your way to the track to race legally.

Maybe CTV should have another poll.
Do you think that the Ministry of enviroment, Ministry of transportation Ontario and the OPP setting up a check stop and writing fines down the street from the only place that drag racers can legally race there cars is fair?

Man the general public are not very smart are you? You think just because some guy who couldn't make law school and decided to take Police Foundations should have the power to classify anyone as a street racer? You are all victims of the media! You were all against the harshest penalty in the Manchester story but then after the media got their facts straight it was determined it was the Husband who was twice over the legal limit.. How about we focus on DUI and other crimes... Is there street racing? YES! but look at the real statistics of how many deaths are caused by true street racers and look at all your wonderful tax dollars spent on planes and other fancy toys for the police! If the police would ENFORCE the laws we ALREADY HAVE then we wouldn't have this problem.. someone drives careless then give them careless driving and make sure it doesn't get reduced to improper lane change in court.. Canada/Ontario has a long way to go and band-aided old laws with new ones isn't going to solve anything! 80 less deaths this year because of this law they say.. meanwhile the same guy who told you that also said there have been over a BILLION less km's driven this year due to gas prices... do the math and smarten up folks.. This law is a cash grab and media grabbing nothing more! They aren't even convicting people in court! More than 2/3's are getting off... Enjoy your new law SHEEP.

The law is not tough enough! 50 over the speed limit and they should loose their license for a year. How many people have to die first? Slow down people.

This law is unfair simply because there is no recourse for a person who feels that the charge is false.

Yes, they can fight the charge in court, but regardless of the outcome, they have already had their car impounded, licence suspended, and insurance affected.

So, a person that is found not guilty, or is found guilty of a lesser offence, is still stuck with all the costs from the initial suspension.

Punishment should not be handed down until one is found guilty of an offence.

Anyone with half a brain should be very concerned about this disturbing trend of being punished previous to being found guilty of anything.

Further, some one who is in a car by themselves going over the speed limit, is SPEEDING. Not streetracing.

Finally, the OPP stated that there have been 80 fewer traffic deaths this year and feel that the new street racing law deserves the credit. I'm more of the idea that the poor summer weather and the high price of fuel is likely more responsible.

Mike Ricketts
The law is total crap. Its a cash grab like anything else. They hike our gas, we sit and do nothing about it, they hike our property tax, nothing you can do about it. Everywhere we turn they are stripping us of our rights. People are going to see Marshal Law come into Ontario because we lay down and don't fight for our freedom. The law is stupid and holds no merrit. A common theif losses less when they are caught then someone that is caught speeding. Marshal Law people, remember I said it. Keep taking the back seat and see what your future will look like.

John K
Ontario it seems is now full of idiots. "Street racing"?? Call a spade a spade and call it a Speeding fine. Does the general public have any clue what is going on? Sure, call it Street Racing and make it seem like they are doing something pro-active. You really think this law does anything for actual street racing? No, of course not, because they aren't even going after street racers. They're just using a different name to try to rally up the (uninformed) masses. Now as far as vehicle impounding without a court date? Well there are so many things wrong about that one I can't even wrap my head around it. Let's take away a few more basic pieces of democracy and see what happens. Nothing, at this rate I imagine. People don't care about rights anymore, or the really ignorant say "Well I don't do anything wrong, so it doesn't affect me". Keep the blinders on, because they sugar coat what they are doing with a different name.

PR Booth
The residents of Ontario need to wake up. We are under attack from the very folks entrusted with our safety. No way road side justice should be in the hands of Police officers. Tell your member of parliament to put the power back in the courts where it belongs.

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That's is an unbelievably difficult law for the public to deal with, no? Roadside conviction at an officers discretion? All I can think of is the patriot act the dimwitt lawmakers jumped on here. It was put through as "The anti Terrorism Law" after 911.

Google this, and see how that great law is being used.

Police use patriot act to enter mans home

Hold on to your hats Canadians.

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We know its only the beginning of our rights being taken away.
That why this law pisses us off so much.
What is next?

Leave the justice to the courts, not at the road side.
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