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05 mustang

  • 302 rwhp
  • stock 3650 trans/clutch/shifter
  • stock 2pc drive shaft
  • front sway bar/sway bar bracket removed, lightweight radiator support
  • strange single adj front struts set to full loose
  • strange single adj rear shocks set to +6
  • cobra jet springs at all corners (M-5300-Q, non-lowering)
  • 28.5" ride height at all corners
  • -2.5 deg pinion angle
  • metco adj UCA w/poly bushings
  • metco UCA bracket (UCA set in uppermost of two adjustment holes)
  • metco fixed LCA w/poly bushings
  • bmr relocation brackets (LCA set in uppermost of three adjustment holes)
  • 4.10 gears
  • detroit truetrac diff
  • comp engineering adj panhard bar
  • lpw diff cover
  • 17" M/T ET street bias ply rear tires, set to 18psi
  • A/S = 105.%
  • IC length = 45.89"
  • IC height = 9.53"
  • 3670 weight with driver, 3/4 tank of gas and gutted trunk

First ever trip to the 1/4 mile was at MIR in Aug 2013, best pass of the night was 12.814 @ 106.36 w/1.75 60' and this pic

**NOTE** that I forgot to adjust the front struts while at MIR, they were set to +6 at all four corners. Temps at MIR were low 70's with DA right around 900'

Second trip to the 1/4 mile was at Mason Dixon in Sep 2013. Front struts were set to full soft, rear shocks were left at +6 and rear tires were at 18psi. Best run of the day was 12.66 @ 107.25 w/1.77 60'

launch pic of one of my runs at Mason Dixon

*photo courtesy of B and B Photos

Temps ranged from mid 50's to low 70's throughout the morning, and I think DA ranged from 200' to 700'. I went through the dry lane each time, with minimal burnout just to clean off the tires.

I'm launching between 4-6k RPM, shifting around 6k RPM and I forgot to watch to see what I'm crossing the traps at.

Video of my 12.66 run can be seen here (skip to 6:33 in the video, there's also a 12.71 run at the 3:30 mark in the video)

I need to experiment with launch RPM, shock settings and tire pressure; and I'm sure as I get more seat time I can whittle away at these times.

  • given my low power and relatively heavy weight, what is a realistic 60' goal I can shoot for?

Any recommendations you might have are appreciated!
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