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Couple of the Grandchildren spent the week end and crepes is my one granddaughters favorite. I taught her to make crepes when she was about ten and she fed them to her family till they had crepes coming out of their kazootibungi. Anyone that can make a pan cake can make a crepe, no special tools needed.
4 eggs
2 cup flour
1 tbs sugar
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbs butter
2 1/4 cup milk (varies)
Mix with whisk eggs, sugar and salt. melt butter and whisk it in. Then add some flour then milk,flour and milk till smooth mixture and a bit runny. cover and let set while making filling. Filling can be anything you have a taste for. As simple as sugar/ cinnamon mix on buttered crepe to any pie fillings or preserves or combination of them spice or sweeten them to taste. It was red raspberry today. Small jar of smuckers and a bag of frozen drained mixed.
Use 8 inch non stick pan. A little oil on paper towel to wipe pan helps. Getting heat and consistency of batter is the only tricky part. Don't try to get them paper thin, as long as they roll up they will taste the same. Pour batter in hot pan tilting pan to make about a 7 inch circle, add some batter if you have a hole. Cook till top dries up and lift edge with fork put turner under and filp in one motion. the cooked side should look like lace if brown fire is too hot. they should be golden brown. Second side takes less time. Butter small amount of filling and roll up with a fork. When you get three or four of these roll ups you can put confectioners sugar on them to be fancy and drizzle some filling over the top of them.

You will usually mess up the first one or two, usually from high heat or thick batter. put a little butter and cinnamon sugar on them and feed to the kids that cant wait. No kids? the dog will not turn them down and save the sugar. I like Buckwheat crepes with apple pie filling spiced with cinnamon and sugar.

The possibilities are endless. Cornbread mix instead of flour, filled with scherzo and scrambled eggs and a salsa drizzle.

Leave sugar out of batter for some of these.

Thick Alfredo sauce with tiny shrimp, caned crab and spinach and thin the rest of the filling a little for the over sauce.

How about a bisquick crepe with sausage and gravy for filling and top. These usually come out a bit thicker.

As you can see you can get quite inventive with this.
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