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I bought a SBF long block off of craigslist a few weeks ago. And could use some help in identifying the parts.It is a 331 stoker. I am also trying to figure it out by its other components/parts.

Crank, No forged markings on the weights, like what SCAT uses. No eagle on the first counterweight, the only marking is a small rectangle with the letters and numbers "LQ*5" laser etched. The * is a small square with a triangle just above it. There is also some marking that look scratched in like a job number. The crank has a wide parting line unlike a cast with a sharp defined line. There is also a ton of grinding on the crank possibly due to balancing.

The connecting rods have no markings, but they are H beam with ARP bolts. No numbers on bolts. So they are not 2000. No stamps or markings on the flat part of the rod. The area around is rod bolt is round and smooth, unlike Eagle were it is square and flat. They look like SCAT Pro Sport H beam rods.

The pistons look like JE forged. There is no PN on the bottom of the skirts, but they also look coated. There is also a JE 517 cast into the bottom of the piston.

Cam is also unknown, I hope there is a PN on that.

Now I know that one good part on the engine does not mean all parts are good and corners were cut else were. But it would seem silly to put a $300 Romac SFI blancer and a $400 CSR waterpump on a engine loaded with shit parts.

Any help would be appreciated. And would help me decide were to go with this engine.
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