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2 - Family Pak country style pork Rib’s

4- Large onion’s

1- Large bottle Ketchup (economy)

Seasonings: Lawry’s season salt, Worcestershire sauce, A-1 steak sauce

1. Chop and dice onion .

2. Place onion’s, Ketchup in 5 quart sauce pan. Add season salt, Worcestershire and A-1 steak sauce to taste. Cover with lid to boil occasionally stir and cook down to med thickness and darkens.

3. Place rib’s on grill and brown both sides for texture and remove.

4. Line aprox 10” x 14” deep cake pan with alum foil ( or use alum throw away pan)

5. Place browned rib’s in pan and pour contents over rib’s level or slightly covering rib’s

6. Place on gill on medium and cover and boil the barbeque contents down until tender and the sauce is thick and dark.

7. Serve on plate with sauce poured over
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