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have sbf, pg on nitrous
i went to the track on sunday weather was about 80-85 nice sunny day i was ready to make some good test passses
first pass car was .2 slower than normal checked everything, plugs
looked good car seem normal made 3 full 1/8 miles passes
all times were very consistant almost identical.
burn out was normal, trans break was normal takes off normal but slower.
it felt so good i wouldn't beliveded it if it wasn't for the time slips
would the converter run consistant and do normal burn outs and get on the trans break just fine if i was blowing thru it?
i did notice the last few times before sunday that it was getting just a little bit slower every pass but i was just doing 330' passes
making it go straight out the line, but i did have my bottle pressure low so i wasn't very concern about it been a little slow to the 330' since all i wanted was to make it go straight, now that it goes perfectly straight out the line but it won't go fast and don't know why
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