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Corvette Racers – this one’s for you….
American Racing Solutions is proud to introduce the newest addition to our line of Racing Belt Tensioners.

ARS86300ANP built for the Corvette LT4 and Z06 engine and replaces the original part number 12663624. This model can also be used with the ProCharger Supercharger Kit for the LS3 and the LS7 engine.

We would like to thank Chris Lovett of Wichita Dyno for assisting us with the testing of our original prototype on an LS3 with the ProCharger F1X. Chris has been able to share with us that in back to back testing of the stock tensioner versus the ARS tensioner, we have added 3 – 4 pounds of boost (21 LBS total) and approximately 300 additional HP. (1300-1400 before and 1600-1700 after ARS Tensioner.)

There will be more details provided soon as we are waiting for a rebuild on the torque convertor and transmission, which failed to keep up with the new-found power approximately 1650 at the crankshaft! We are running a pre-production special, save 15% with your order now through December 31. Orders will begin shipping on January 2, 2017. Use promo code PO15.

For more information about the best racing tensioners on the market, visit our website:
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