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This is a turbo SBF with a glide.

Last year ran a 28x10.5w on a 12" wheel and shifted the car at 6600, just because it seemed happy that way and ran fast. The cam was supposed to go to 7000 but didnt really seem to do that. We didnt care because it ran good.

This year added boost (power) and went to a 315 radial tire on the same wheel. Now for some reason the car needs to rev higher through the traps, but MPH is down.

The MPH at 1000ft is actually HIGHER than last year (147 instead of 144), but the 1/4 mile MPH is lower (161 instead of 163) and this is with putting more power to it.

I'm trying to figure out if it is the motor that is falling off or if it's the converter that's somehow slipping more, and not putting the power down at the big end. The converter is a 9.5" from PTC, spragless.

Anyone have any ideas?
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