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Thanks Kelly and Jimmy.

We've got a few special ingredients, but they're all people...mainly Dennis Hagedorn (aka Tuffy Tate, aka Spider Monkey) who keeps the DJRC Pontiac "Grand Slam" running from week to week and works his ass off at the track. Like Kelly Andersen said, the magazine keeps me on the high-side rev limiter 24/7 and I can't help on the car through the week nearly as much as I should or would like to.

Between David Janes and Joel Bayless, we've got a good thing going. We're not where we need to be, but we're closing the gap. Big thanks to everyone who helps us out like Jim Craig at Weldon Pump, Tommy Kundrick at Mickey Thompson and the one-and-only Jason Sharp at Speedtech Nitrous.

Congrads to David ,Wes and crew you guys have earned it.

My last name is spelled KUNDRIK and you call youself an editor LMAO HEHEHEHE


Bottle maybe you can name the hotel (IT'S BRETT'S FAULT) HAHAHAHAHA
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