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Monty Mikho said:
Bill Glidden said:
Monty Mikho said:
He tried removing some weight the last time he went out and had traction problems. He put the weight back in it.. Bam!! She's flying now.. :shock:
Congrats to baio!! How could this be true Monty?????? Everyone knows!!!!!!! if you remove weight, the car is much easier to get down the track, and also goes much quicker? right!??? hehehehehe BG
Come on now Billy.. The guy is happy as hell right now and you gotta bust his balls.. Where do ya think you are :smt005

After all the years of Baio busting on Billy all over the net, I don't think this comes close to getting even!! But BIlly is right, I thought you could go faster right down the track being lighter??? Easy!!:smt005
1 - 18 of 78 Posts
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