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Hey everyone, First post here but have been using this forum as a information bank for a little while now.

I have built myself a compound turbo Subaru Wrx, I had lots of people from numerous people from Kevin Jewer, John Whalen and many more.

That being said, I did want to do as much of this build as I could, So there is flaws/ trial & error. I'm super proud to say tho that this car hasn't been to a shop other then a tune.

I'm always looking for new ideas or input on my set up, But for now here is the goods to her.

Right now the car made 743whp 651tq @ 6100rpm(kept blowing my charge pipes), Car does spool very well with 30+psi by 5700rpm

-Iag stage 4 extreme short block with all upgrades.
-JR’s DPR race drag heads with oversize valves and BC 280 cams(Single avcs)
-14mm head studs
-Moroso Oil pan and pick up
-Athena fire ring Head gaskets.
-Aluminati solid motor mounts.
-IAG competition AOS

-Twin AEM 400 pumps on a Full blown dual fuel pump hanger(both pumps are hardwired to battery with 12gauge wiring)
-8AN feed, 6AN return
-Full blown fuel filter and AFPR
-IAG fuel rails
-ID 2000cc injectors
-Link ecu E85 sensor

-Compound turbo set up us using a BW S366 with a T4 twin scroll .91 ar on a 66mm wastegate to a BW S480 t6 1.36 ar with a 46mm wastegate
-3” Charge pipe system
-Treadstone vertical intercooler 12x24x3.5”
-Process west intake manifold reversed,
-Boomba 75mm tb DBC
-IAG billet TGV delete
-Vibrant HD Clamps(will be installed by mid may)

-Koyo half rad

-Link G4+ ecu
-Link G4+ lambda sensor
-Link G4+ expansion harness(logging oil pressure, fp, boost, afr)
-Link 5 bar map sensor

-AEM(boost, FP, OP, Wideband, water temp)
-Autometer(Oil temp, EGT)
-Zeitronix E85 content

-STI stock 6 speed transmission
-R180 rear diff
-Solid shifter bushing
-stock sti axles
-Exedy twin disk fm0022HD
-Cobb Short throw shifter
-Magnus Launch controller

-Sti Brembo’s front and rear
-Stoptech rotors
-Chase bays under hood brake line & abs delete

-KPMF iridescent matte black/ purple wrap.
-Siebon carbon fiber trunk and hood
-Fiberglass Flares

-Kirkey Racing seats
-4 point roll cage powder coated purple
-Cypher 5 point SFI harness’s in purple
-Momo steering wheel

My future plans include

-Proper drag wheels with nice stickys
-P&L tripple disc clutch
-POSSIBLY try a 60mm to have more lower end

Heres my dyno sheet(once I weld my vibrant clamps in the car will be revving to 8k)

Some photos of the build.

Hope you guys/gals enjoy the build i will be keeping this updated and hopefully gain some more knowledge from this place :)

If you want to see more pictures or anything of the build.

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Got to work tonight on the car,

Removed my walbro 450's. They weren't keeping up at 80+psi of fuel pressure. I have begun to install my new AEM 400's that should be able to handle the higher Fuel pressure a lot better.

I'll be welding up my vanjen this weekend, Hopefully all goes well.

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Well got my fuel pumps installed and the pipes all welded up.

I'll start with the pumps, I swapped my twin walbro 450's HP pumps for twin AEM 400 pumps. All the wiring was the same, lines, fpr and more, just difference pumps, just with the key on i gained 28psi in fuel system. That should cure my pump drop off at 80+psi on fuel.

got my clamps all welded it, They arn't rock start welds by any means as I haven't welded aluminum in a while and i'm just using a eastwood 200 with wp-27fv tig troch on 110v(all I have in my garage).

Now that i'm not blowing charge pipe, MAN does it rip.

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Thats got to be a blast. I used to own a DSM, no where at this level but I'll always have a love for turbo+AWD.

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Well, Did a couple pulls today and it's definitly a car i gotta get used to before turning up the power or i'll hurt myself.

My 60-90mph time was 3.01 seconds, I only saw a max or 88.7% tps and you can see on the log when boost comes in hard i peddle off falling to 44.1%tps at the top.

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Great build. Always happy to see something different.

One of my former students would probably have a seizure if he saw your WRX.
He's into into it big time. Even has the tattoos to prove it.:p
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