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I apologize, you'll have to go through the linked stories to see the extra-traction-action videos featuring the:

-------------"I deedn't due nut-ting's"-------------------------

Dam Sam, I mean Pedro,
CHIRLA (Coalition for Human Immigrant Rights in LA ) is giving President Trump credit for rounding up illegal aliens. unfortunately this is only standard ICE procedures. Can you imagine when President Trump's actions really start rounding them up?........... When Trump actually starts rounding up "Criminals, Drug Dealers And Rapists" I'd suggest he order checking out these 150 "protestors" that blocked a highway.

Hundreds of immigrants arrested in 'routine' U.S. enforcement surge

Immigration authorities arrested more than 160 people throughout Southern California over five days of raids, officials said Friday.
U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said the "targeted enforcement operation" resulted in arrests of about 150 who had criminal histories. Of the other 10, five had been ordered deported or had been deported in the past.

Arrested 161 people in six counties 151 had criminal history and about 75% had felony convictions
The raids triggered protests in downtown Los Angeles late Thursday that blocked an entrance to the 101 Freeway.

It also sparked questions from immigrant-rights groups and political leaders who believed it was tied to the new tougher immigration stance of the Trump administration.

"Make no mistake about it: these sweeps are directly linked to President Trump's 'new normal' where criminalizing and dehumanizing immigrants is convenient to violate their due process and facilitate their deportation," CHIRLA, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said.

ICE, however, said the arrests were part of their routine operations.

"While this week's operation was an enforcement surge, the focus was no different than the routine, targeted arrests carried out by ICE's Fugitive Operations Teams on a daily basis," the agency said.

CHIRLA held a vigil at an ICE detention center in downtown Los Angeles Thursday night as they received preliminary word of the raids.

Afterward, about 150 protesters took to the streets of downtown and blocked an entrance to the southbound 101 Freeway.
CHIRLA complained that ICE was not providing enough information about the raids. At a CHIRLA press conference, one woman said her father, who has no criminal history, was caught up in the raid and detained for some time when ICE agents were looking for someone else.

The organization is also launching a new effort to make sure immigrants understand their legal rights.

Several Los Angeles-area elected leaders also responded to news of the raids, demanding more information from the agency.

"It's outrageous that ICE would go into the homes of hard-working people and tear them away from their children," said U.S. Rep. Tony Cardenas, a Democrat from the San Fernando Valley.

"I'm demanding that ICE provide me, the representative of this community, with more information and the purpose of these raids. This is just one more action by this Administration that hurts our communities and our economy. I will not sit quietly by while they seek to harm the people of my district."

An ICE statement issued later Friday afternoon provided some details about the raids.

It did not provide an exact breakdown but said that "many" of those arrested had prior felony convictions for serious offenses that included child sex crimes, weapons, and assault. It said 95 percent of the arrestees were men.

Those arrested included:

-- One member of the Salvadoran gang MS-113 arrested in Huntington Park who was wanted in his home country for aggravated extortion.

-- A Brazilian national in Los Angeles wanted in Brazil for cocaine trafficking.

-- An Australian national in West Hollywood previously convicted of lewd and lascivious acts with a child.

Angeles field office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Only five of 161 people arrested in Southern California would not have been enforcement priorities under the Obama administration, he said.
The agency did not release a total number of detainees. The Atlanta office, which covers three states, arrested 200 people, Bryan Cox, a spokesman for the office, said. The 161 arrests in the Los Angeles area were made in a region that included seven highly populated counties, Marin said.
Marin called the five-day operation an "enforcement surge."
In a conference call with reporters, he said that such actions were routine, pointing to one last summer in Los Angeles under former President Barack Obama.
"The rash of these recent reports about ICE checkpoints and random sweeps, that’s all false and that’s dangerous and irresponsible," Marin said. "Reports like that create a panic.”
He said that of the people arrested in Southern California, only 10 did not have criminal records. Of those, five had prior deportation orders.
Michael Kagan, a professor of immigration law at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, said immigration advocates are concerned that the arrests could signal the beginning of more aggressive enforcement and increased deportations under Trump.
"It sounds as if the majority are people who would have been priorities under Obama as well," Kagan said in a telephone interview. "But the others may indicate the first edge of a new wave of arrests and deportations."
Trump recently broadened the categories of people who could be targeted for immigration enforcement to anyone who had been charged with a crime, removing an Obama-era exception for people convicted of traffic misdemeanors, Kagan said.
(Reporting by Sharon Bernstein in Sacramento, Calif., and Kristina Cooke in San Francisco; Writing by Sharon Bernstein; Editing by Peter Henderson and Leslie Adler)
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