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I know this isn't a 6 sec pro mod but if there is anybody here that may have some experence with lenco/clutch style transmissions I would like to get your opinion. I've built a 1997 dodge Ram with a 588 Hemi with a 14-71 High helix blower that makes between 1400&1500 hp on gasoline. 4- link rear, 18.5x33 slicks, 4.10 rear ratio, Jeffco 4-speed transmission with a 3.00 first gear, it has a funny car cage and is well supported throughout, its weighs 3800lbs with driver. Here's my question I'm running a Mcloud street twin clutch that is "non adjustable" I have Mark Williams parts from trans yoke to 40 spline axles in a well supported Dana 60, providing nothing brakes will this thing drive out when I dump the clutch? Being so heavy it has gotton great traction in the past with previous combo- 60 foots in the mid 1.30 only running 9.70's with 800 hp at the wheels through a 727 auto, now i should have at least 1200hp at the wheels. Keep in mind I'm obviously not looking for perfection or i'de be running a floater clutch with a data loger I plan to drive it on the street to the local car show once in a while. I would like to see some 8.30 to 8.60 will this combo do it? Your opinion would be appreciated. Thanks Chris Cadotto
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