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David Vizard has been asked to go along to the opening of a new speed shop: Class 'A' Performance, 23720 Clawiter Rd., Hayward, California, 94545.

DV will be doing a one-hour performance seminar followed by a Q & A session going on until all questions have been answered or 7:00 PM, whichever comes first. No tickets or admission are needed and burgers and other refreshments will be provided, free of charge. It starts at 2:00 PM on Saturday, Jan 31st at the new shop of Class 'A' Performance.

These are the topics that David will cover during the Seminar
1) Airflow & port velocity - getting the best compromise
2) Holley's new 'Super Dominators' do they work as good as they look?
3) Making the best of your valve train with whatever your budget may be.
4) Five simple easily done and/or low buck power moves.

If you will be there checking out the new shop and attending the seminar and would like to ask DV a question please post it here and I will forward it to DV to answer at the seminar. this will give him a heads up if some questions are likely to need supporting graphics. Please allow that, due to volume, he is unlikely to be able to answer every question sent his way.

Note please limit question to no more that 3 sentence or lines in your post.

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