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Chris I don't want to bust

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in on your Dept. ......this is a serious question :? Can/Do you run in any Fun Ford Events?
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I asked but they won't allow the non-ford body. I figured a ford engine would do but nope.
so could you run a Rustang with a Dodge motor?

Aren't there Chevy Powered Fords in Super Chevy??
Yes there are Jimmy. But apparently Fun Ford don't need the car count in Street Bandit!! :shock:
you run a ford in your car :cry: i had no idea. thats cool though
I don't think Chris has actually run the ford motor in his car yet. :lol: He has been to busy working on everyone else's stuff.
That's all going to change this weekend Martin. :wink:
That is what you have been keeping quiet about. Good luck. I know it will run good.

Keep us posted on the outcome.
I am not sure it will run good. I haven't dyno'd it, and today is the first time in 1 1/2 years that it's on all 4, with a drivetrain in it, and the first time the interior is back in it... partially. It's pretty much going to be a glorified test n' tune session. I don't expect much as my qualifying passes will be to figure out a tuneup. It has the ability to win, but just not yet.

It'll be fun though.
Your way a head of me. I just dropped my block, crank and rods off at the machine shop to have a little work done. My heads are finished and I have to pick them up by the end of the week. The car won't be done for several more months. Told the guy to take his time and he is. :)

The machine shop doesn't think it is a good idea to zero deck the block. They want me to keep it in the .010-.015 range. He also wants me to use diamond pistons since he sells them. I want to use ross pistons and jay's camshaft. Which I haven't found anyone that likes it's specs yet. I guess I did one thing right on this engine (cam design). Like we have discussed in the past. I just don't have very many choices when it comes to machine shops. Everyone thinks the other one sucks or can't do anything right and they all have their own opinions on what you should do with your engine.
Well, based on what you're telling me about your machinist, I see some issues.

This is a steel rod engine right? Why on earth would he have you leave the piston .010 to .015 in the hole? I'm sure you'll be using a typical .040 head gasket...?? Is he telling you why? If it's an aluminum rod engine, he's not steering you wrong.

As for your pistons, JE or Ross. If you have to discuss this further with me then we'll do it private. I'm not gonna slam companies products in public...

I can count on JE, and Ross enough that if I tell them my bore size, I don't need to hone the block TO the piston. I get the proper clearance I need out of the box every single time. So just tell your Machinist, to pick a bore size, make them all consistantly round, and straight within a couple tenths MAX, and if he can't do that then you need to have someone else do it. Then give that size to JE or Ross and it'll be done. Also, I can count on good ring groove tolerances. These companies actually inspect their parts before they box them up. Other companies are lacking in that department.

Isn't Patterson in your area?

As for Jays camshaft, you can take it to the bank.

I've been spoiled by LSM for the last 5 years. Very consistant machine work. When I tell them a size it is what I get.
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I don't expect you to slam any company. I know how you feel about some and we don't need to take it any farther. I will order a set of Ross pistons. I will have the machinist zero deck and hone the block and go from there.
Mousehouse said:
I don't expect you to slam any company. I know how you feel about some and we don't need to take it any farther. I will order a set of Ross pistons. I will have the machinist zero deck and hone the block and go from there.
But to zero deck a steel rod race engine is elementary. That should NOT have even been an issue.

And the camshaft.......Today (6.23.2005) I had one of the companies that actually does the grinding on my camshafts call me. We have been disputing for some time the *Lobe Area* approach vs the old fashioned *Seat Time* approach. Now don't get me wrong, I still use the *Seat Time* way to go on Super Stock and airflow limited engines (406 SBC with "Double Hump" heads) but I have been telling them and telling them they were in the stone ages. Well they actually gave me a cam about two months ago because "There is NO WAY that thing will work". I told them that they "Didn't know what they didn't know". Here is the kicker. 427 SBC with 23* 215cc Canfields. 9.5:1. Hyd roller. Victor jr BOX STOCK. HP 950 Holley. 1 3/4 with 3" pipes. 2 breathers, no evac. On the third pull it made 533hp at 6000 RPM and idles at 12" of vacuum. Oh ya, 93 octane BP fuel. This is on a Stuska Dyno & Depac so the numbers are real. 556 ft/lbs of torque at 4600 RPM.

Martin, the cam will work. 8)
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I have no doubt the cam will work. :)

The Ross pistons are ordered and will be here in a month or so. Now I just have to get the machine shop to do a good job on the block and I will be set.
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