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Its not very often now you see vendors going above and beyond to help normal racers. We ran into some problems with our Intercooler/tank setup that had nothing to do with the construction or the fabrication of the tank. We ordered a 3000hp IC and a 5 gallon tank with the idea of using a external pump. After we got the setup up and running we found out that it just would not work correctly but really didn't know the reason the water flow was down.

I PM'd Robert from Chiseled and told him about the problem and he didn't really know what the problem was but had a suggestion on how to change my system to possibly improve it. So without asking Robert sent me all of the materials to fabricate and correct our problem without asking for a dime. Its customer service like this that makes me direct everyone looking for either a tank or an intercooler to Robert/Chiseled. Thanks man, I owe you a sale.
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