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1 -package Frozen chicken breast (7-9)

2 - package - Taco Bell Fajita mix (best)

3 - large red bell pepper

3- Large yellow bell peppers

3- Large green bell pepper

3 -Large onions

Seasonings - Lawry’s season salt (equivalent), Lawry’s fajita marinade (equivalent), Worcestershire sauce

Note: you can add more bell peppers and onions if desired.

1. Chop frozen chicken breast into 1” size pieces add water and cook on stove top until white flakey and drain thoroughly.

2. Slice and dice onion’s and bell peppers into ¾ inch size pieces .

3. Use electric skillet at 350* and add chicken breast and onion’s and bell peppers and taco mix and cook contents down. Chop contents with plastic utensil to a fine mix while cooking for easy serving. Turn to low and simmer.

4. Add Lawry’s salt, fajita marinade and Worcestershire to taste for desired flavor.

5. Serve on warm fajita wraps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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