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Chicago area circle track racers, need info

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Need a supplier for some parts, and YellowBullet.coms just don't have what I need.
Could you post or send me some local shops that might be able to get me some circle track items.
Would rather deal with a local company that I can check out the items, not a huge fan of ordering blind from the computer.

Thanks guys.

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find a local supplier for Performance Bodies..or order direct,should have what you need.
Bradley Speed in Bradley, Il. Half hour from you and does alot with the circle track guys.
sontag speed supplies in cresthill-him or his son brett (advanced race cars) can get you anything you need- speed supply shop is pretty dirty inside though

Damn, I forgot about Sontag.
Thanks, I was just by there and it's so well hidden, it didn't dawn on me??

nice guy,can get you anything,just dont mind the cats
Lefthander Chassis is just north of Rockford, right off of I-90.
lol...forgot about lefthander...been there a bunch
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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