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Folks. I need to start fresh on my chassis tune. Ive been blindly adjusting stuff and getting no results.I know I have the car all out of wack and the Mustang II front clip I put on has got everything working differently. Ive searched threads and read very informative websites. I will order some recommended books.
I would like some help in laymans terms,if I could.Kinda overwelmed and not making much heads or tails of the info Ive read.
I built adjustment boxes and have 4 corner scales.
Its a '67 Chevy II. Ladder bar,adjustable front and rear coil overs.
LF 638 RF 774 49.5%
LR 785 RR 651 50.5%

Total FRONT 1413
Total REAR 1437
Total LEFT 49.9%
Total RIGHT 50.0
I can get any measurement off the car you guys would need.
If this car was in your shop,what would be the steps you would take to start setting this thing up.

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First you corner weights are setup for a car that would be making 2500 hp... and a massive amount of torque

This is assuming this car runs mid 8's or slower..

You have way to much left rear corner weight..

Here is the quick on what needs to be done..

Put both rear spring seats at the same height

Block the front and rear of the passenger side front and rear tires

unhook the right front ladder bar mount,

have the driver get into the drivers seat..

Now are the front springs adjustable (coil over) or are like stock springs?

If they are coil overs adjust the left spring up and the right spring seat down until you have the car to where it is close to the correct ride height with the driver side being about 3/4" higher than the passenger side..

If the are not adjustable cut the passenger spring and shim the drivers side spring if necessary to achieve the ride height and 3/4" higher on the drivers side

Now adjust the passenger side ladder bar to get the front of the ladder bar to where the center of the rodend is about 1" higher than the center of the hole it is supposed to go in..

Jack up the passenger side of the car and install the bolt..

Check the wheel base and the side to side of the rearend housing,
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