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Hey guys, I'm new to the chassis dyno thing and have a couple of questions....

Last week we put my turbo car on a Superflow dyno to do some upper boost tuning. The Superflow uses knurled rollers and I ran my ET Street tires (33 x 18.5) at 20 PSI because I was told that they should be run at a higher PSI. I was getting some tire slippage (1500+ HP).

What PSI do you run?

Next question, I am going to try the Dynomax dyno challenge and have a small problem.

The Dynojet dyno uses a roller drum spread of 29.5 inches and my rear tires are 28 inches inside. Can I just let the tires hang over ¾ of an inch on the inside? I do have a set of MT soft compound Sportsman Pro’s that will give me a 29” spread that I can fit wheel spacers to yield 30”.

So….should I

A) Just let the ET Street’s hang over on the inside of the roller.
B) Switch to the Sportsman Pro’s and not hang over the roller (may give more slippage).

Also, are the Dynojet’s rollers knurled?

Thanks for any help!
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