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If any of my yb brothers are into restoring Saleen Mustangs or any Mustang for that matter, PLEASE avoid this crook at all cost. I found him on ebay when I was trying to find some of the more difficult to locate parts and purchased a set of "Saleen" valve covers from him to complete the look of my 91 vert's supercharged 302. They came in and when I opened the box, I found a set of well used stock covers that had been painted with a rattle can or lack of mixing skills (he advertised them as being "REAL DUPONT CHROMA BASE COAT CLEAR COAT PAINT" and they had some poor quality dime store replica Saleen decals) The covers were still tacky from the amateur paint job and the plastic packing was stuck to the covers leaving little prints all over them that wouldn't wax or buff out because of them being wet when they packaged for shipping. I contacted him several times and finally after about a week or two of emails (he wouldn't provide his phone number), he emailed me and said to send them back and he would either replace them or refund my money. This original transaction was exactly two months ago yesterday. I emailed him several times and even sent him the tracking/confirmation number which he claims he never got. He also claims that he never got the valve covers back but they were delivered and even signed for at HIS house. I paid way more than what these covers were worth and if I could have looked at them or held them in my hand, I wouldn't have offered him $10 for them. I bet I have at least 10 sets of the same covers in my shop that I almost can't give away and I certainly wouldn't rattle can them and add some stickers and expect to get close to $200 dollars. I just wanted to warn everybody here and hopefully nobody else will get burned. When I bid on these, he had good (99%) feedback and still does but he also has at least two other people that posted negative feedback in the last month and they both said basically the same thing I'm saying here about their items.

This is the guy so if anyone is bidding or buying from him, use caution and make sure you know what you are getting before you pay.

Erik Dunham
66 Manor Road
Denville NJ, 078834
[email protected]

Anyone that wants to view his eBay page and see the comments and feedback, here is a link to his feedback page.

These were the valve covers but I'm sure I will never see them again or my money so I would prefer to warn anyone else before throwing away their hard earned money. CAVEAT EMPTOR!
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