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So I have been tossing around the idea of canceling my C8 Corvette order. The strike and all the other bullshit from the dealer ( I believe but can't prove) is putting my order back in late summer. Should of been March or April. Anyways I know the 495HP was going to be an issue. SO why not get another C7 and wait for the C8 Z06.....SO I have been looking for deals on C7 Z06's.... 58K for a 32,000 mile hard raced 16'Z06/Z07... 54K for a 16' 2LZ that was turned in as a lemon law... was the best price.. The rest that are low mileage16' and newer 2LZ or better are in the low to mid 60's.... Not looking good...

Saturday morning I was on CarMax's website saw a 2019 Sebring Orange, Corvette Z06 for $68,998 with 3842 miles... I figured it had an accident or some issue. Clicked on it and my jaw dropped clean Carfax 1 owner. From the pics I could tell it was a 3LZ with Z07 package. I wasn't sure about the color though.. Said fuck it and clicked "reserve" to go look at it at 2pm... again color.... Cool thing about CarMax.. You reserve it, it's yours until you decide it's not. I had to drive to Irvine. Got down there around 1:45pm and the car was out back. As I walked up to it.... This thing was done solid. Not only was it a 3LZ/Z07 Carbon ceramic Brakes package it had over $5,000 in after market Carbon Fiber on top of the $4,000 Carbon Fiber ground effects from the factory.... It also has Competition seats, Suede inserts, PDR and Dealer painted on stripes and had the Cup 2 sticky tires replaced with Michelin PSS another $1,800 bucks . Told the salesman.. Start the paperwork!! ………… Well I cancelled my order Sunday...

This cars MSRP was $110,740 with everything else I figure this to be close to $118,000 car. I hope she didn't pay MSRP I figure she was real close to it though it is 00179 Vin meaning she bought early with no incentives. So I ran into the girl that brought the car in.. I asked what they gave.. She said $64,000. and the lady sold it because it didn't "collection" anymore supposedly she has a few exotics.. well Carmax just slapped their typical 5K on it without going through the buy in process ( When you see cars that can't be transferred, the dealer is just reselling it as a turn around car). So the appraiser screwed the pouch and low balled or didn't catch the level of the car and the dealer didn't check either... Anyways. To find a car like this that's even close doesn't have any Carbon fiber and comp seats is going for mid 80's. I found 1 close that had the ground effects, seats and Z07 they wanted 94K...……



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