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I saw a short snippet on the news that The USA will sign the free trade agreement with Panama one here knows about this. We have been wanting it to pass for years.

Also. I think it was last night on CNN believe(I was pretty out of it, due to meds). That the USA was talking about re-formatting US currency to "spite"(not the exact word) China & level the field on "cheapening currency".

This is by no means supposed to be political. It is just that the only thing on the news IS political & I cannot seem to find anything.

Anyone hear of this if so, is there any links to where I can read about it.

Sick of listening to the news right now. especially to maybe get 2 minutes of any good info on things that affect people instead of constantly rambling about the same shit over & over.
Obama care, 999, what is 999 upside down? the devils work...blah blah blah.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts