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Can Powski be stopped?

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Looks like things will be changing for the record setting Powski before too long.. I never understood why someone would go out and shatter a record when they could just lift at the end of the track to keep the peace. After a resent post on the NSCA about this I seen the post had well over 5000 views and a ton of posts. For a racer who is just looking to stay ahead of the pack it would be wise to just lift. But to bring yourself and business to the top of the world you need to make a statement!! I believe he did just that!! I take back my old belief that he should have lifted and agree 110% with what he did. I think he will be hit with a rule change that will only be another challange for the guy. He gets a big thumbs up from me for shattering the drag radial record!!! :smt023
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I learned a lot in Belle Rose this year about records and Championships......Somebody all last year had 50's in their car.....A Newbee comes in and Runs a 30......Somebody comes back and runs a 30.......Its called make points all season by breakin your old record 3 or so times (MORE POINTS....a little at a time) without smokin the entire field.....rise to your competition but don't blast the Record off the Planet......I don't think this way.....I'm like all the way.....but a Champion.....just stays a little above the field as to not make the others pick up their marbles and goXXXXXX STAY HOME :shock: 2cents
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