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Can A Higher Grade E85 Cause A Stumble?

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Proform 850 carb on a 406 SBC. Ran great, instant response. Had dirty fuel put in the car and we dropped the tank, cleaned it thoroughly, ran new gas line, new filter and removed bowls/metering blocks and cleaned. Repeated the carb cleaning again with new accelerator pumps. Car has a slight stumble when punching it off the line. At this time we went with that high octane E85 that is $9.50 per gallon. One person said upgrading to that higher grade of fuel may lead to a complete retune. That possible?? Maybe still minute dirt somewhere but we don't see that is possible?
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E85 not this top of the line high octane 85 now in the car.
what did the "pump" E85 measure at when tuned?
Found the problem. Vacuum cap had a big crack.
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What is "high octane" e85?
it is only for use in motors that run 3/4 race cams.
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