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Camshaft sleeve press question.

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How much press do you need for a sleeve on a camshaft journal?
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A Motorsport block with 55mm cam bearings has a 50mm at the last journal, a Dart block is 55mm at all 5. They make a sleeve for the cam for the last journal to make it 55mm so you can use it in a Dart block after it was made to fit a Motorsport, turn down the inside to fit and grind the OD to fit. I need to know how much press on the ID to keep it on.
I have used .0008" to .0012" press fit for cast iron dist drive gears. I would use the same for this. Just make sure when you grind the od on the cam to match the sleeve, it has zero taper. Heat the sleeve with a propane torch and slide it on.
Will do, I have heard to freeze the cam too. Does that make any sense?
Thanks for the help. Should be done by the end of the week, toughest part was getting the ground finish on the sleeve.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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