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what makes you think its a comp cam? didnt find any number on there site like these.just want to be sure
Steve, those are the grind numbers.

Like this cam from Crane here,

The part number is 118411, but they might change specs three or four times, when the specs for that part number change the grind number changes. Like this 118411 cam has a grind number like this,

R for roller
260 for 260 @.050"
.4467" for intake lobe lift series
2S to designate for duration split, when used with .4467" lobe
-6 for 106° lobe center
.96 for .960" base circle

Many grinders use numbers like that above, Your does sound like Comp. The lobe spec's would be
288-5 Hi Tech Intake Roller Lobe
288 @.020" tappet lift
252 @.050" tappet lift
169 @.200" tappet lift
.420" lobe lift
.116" lifter rise @ TDC at 106° intake center line

296-6 Hi Tech Exhaust Roller Lobe
296 @.020" tappet lift
258 @.050" tappet lift
173 @.200" tappet lift
.420" lobe lift
.123" lifter rise @ TDC at 106° exhaust center line

The cam is a 106° lobe center, It looks like it might be a Crane cam core. If it has GOLD between the lobes, it is an 8620 cam core and most likely does NOT have an iron distributor gear and REQUIRES a bronze distributor gear

If being used on the street, the ignition timing needs to be set, then mark the HOUSING to the intake, and rotor to the housing, so you can pull the distributor, and cut a small groove below the sealing area of the oil band, just above the distributor gear. The bronze gear has splash oiling and hot oil, when you cut this groove it allows cool pressurized oil going to the rifle line to oil the bronze gear and you will not have to worry about having extra's.

By the way, That cam is part number 12-900-9. Your grind number, is indeed this part number, so it is not a part number that went through a grind number change
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