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cam id

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I have a cam and dont know what it is. on the end it is stamped 119526 and 9A8F1A the first a is stamped upside down. Any help would be great.

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Its a Doug Herbert cam..

Cam Grind Type:Oval Track Cams Application: CHEVROLET V8 57-87 262-265-283-302-305-327-400 Block Size: SB Engine Make: Chevrolet (Chevy) # Of Cylinders: 8 Manufactured In Year: 57 - 87 Cubic Inch Size / Volume: 262-265-283-302-305-327-400 Additional Qualifier: Brand Code: Herbert Performance Cams Cam Only Part #: CC6C Cam Only Price : 219.99 Cam And Lifter Part Number: Cam And Lifters Price : Dur Int-Exh: 314/328 Dur @ .050 Int-Exh: 278/286 Lift 1.5 - 1.5 Int/Exh: 625/630 Lift 1.6 -1.6 Int/Exh: Lift 1.7 -1.7 Int/Exh: Lobe Center: 107° Valve Lash: .025-.025 RPM Range: 4000-8500 Description: Lift Rule Cam - Roller Cam -Upper rpm, torque and horsepower. Fast oval or high rpm road race. 12.5:1 min.
Just wondering where you get the info from the cam #'s ????

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