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I'm in a bind.....I had the 5.0 internally balanced, so I ordered a neutral balance flexplate.....this is a 157 tooth small flexplate.......the C4 I have has the bell bolted to the front pump.....This bell will NOT work with the small flexplate. The convertor was built for the bolt pattern of the SMALL flexplate, so I'm stuck with this small flexplate....I need the bell that will work with the small 157 tooth flexplate......BUT I do NOT know if THIS bell will even bolt to the C4 I have cuz some C4's had the bell bolted to the trans not the pump......My question is this....IS there a bell that will work with the small flexplate that fits a CASE FILL C4 that has the bell bolted to the pump???? AND IF SO DOES ANYONE FAIRLY LOCAL (east Tx or La) HAVE ONE TO SELL???? HELP!!!!!! Trying to get this running this weekend!

I can be reached at 337-794-5519
Tony Naquin

77 body style Mustangs used the small bell housing and flex plate.
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