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Why I Started Wichita Street Fights!

Wichita Street Fights
Sponsored by: Auto Smart inc.
May 22nd, 2010
We’re Gonna Be Tearing it Up All Night Long at the
Kansas International Dragway
¼ Mile Drag Racing At 61st & Ridge Rd.
Gates Open: 6:00 P.M.
Time Only’s : After Eliminations Finish
You Say You’re
“King of the Streets”
So, let’s just see HOW FAST YOU REALLY ARE!
Spectators $10 ~ Run In Class $30 ~ Time Only $20
Instant Green Light Racing
Guaranteed $500 Payouts!! Provided By: Auto Smart
[King of the Street Car and Bike Classes]
First Place Trophies and Plagues presented to the Winner in each Class
Payouts based on amount of cars and bikes in each class!
King of the Street Car Class
D.O.T. Tire Only Allowed
(Must Be A Street Vehicle! Anything Goes!)
Head-Up Index Class
15/14/13/12/11/ and 10 Second Classes
All Classes Combined For Winnings!
Bracket Class
All Bikes and Cars Welcome No Exceptions
King of the Street Bike Class
(Head-Up Street Bike Class)
D.O.T. Tire Only Allowed
(Must Be A Street Vehicle! Anything Goes)
9.5 Index Bike Class – No Wheelie BarD.O.T. Tire Only Allowed
All Power Adders Welcome!
Come Join Us For Other Events
June 26 & July 17
Next Dates TBA
Wet T-Shirt Contest
Sponsored By :
Elektrik Chair
1201 E. Douglas 316-267-2424
1st Place - $200
2nd Place - $100
Gift Cert to 5th Place
Live DJ 8pm-1am
Big O
Contact & Race Rules ~
Anthony Dockens ~ 316-992-0590
~ [email protected] ~
Face Book “Wichita Street Fights” ~

Thanks For All Your Support and Helping Make This Event Possible!
This event is made to be Adrenaline Pumping, Competitive, and Challenging!
Come Join Us for Our Races Starting May 22, 2010 @ 6 pm Other Dates June 26th, 2010, July 17th 2010 and More Dates TBA!!:cheers:
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