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It's getting close to our first raffle drawing. First drawing will be held this coming Monday 8-11-14 @ noon. Although several tickets for other events and donations have came in this event hasn't had any raffle tickets purchased for it. So if you purchase just 1 ticket at this point you will have 100% chance of winning.

Here is a link to the story...

Donations and raffle tickets can be made to my PayPal listed below. As in the past I will post up all money received and 100% of it will go directly to the family. I keep track and electronically file all PayPal transactions when we do this and give access to it to anyone who request to see it. So no worries that your generous donation is not going to the family. We've never had anyone question us in the past but I like to remind everyone nothing is hidden. We are all in this together so to speak.

The events will all be separate but raffled at the same time. So when you send PayPal be sure to note on payment which event it is for. If it is a donation, note that as well. We usually get several donations and tickets bought when we help a family in need. This will be the biggest one to date.

PayPal account for all donations and raffle ticket purchases is [email protected]

*Note..... If you send payment as a gift the family will get your entire amount sent. If you send it as a payment, PayPal keeps a percentage of it.

With all that said here are the 4 events that are being raffled....

4 event passes including starting line passes to the baddest of the baddest promod races in the world. PDRA @ Tulsa Motorsports Park August 13-16. Link to event

Thank you Keith Haney for making a difference!

You will also win a $100 gift certificate to Nelson Competition Inc!
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