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business owners ... step inside please

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ok . long story short . you find a so called legitamite business cunducting business selling high end product and not collecting sales tax and also you find out the so called business is not even registered in there state and more or less they are a fly by night operation.... now the questions is what do you do as a law abiding citizen ? can this be reported to there local law or ?

think about it . if you owned a legit business and paid your "dues" would you be mad ? especially if the other company was intruding on your teritory
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AHHHH I see this all the time in our business. The internet is loaded with "Racing Communication Co.s" that probably have never installed a system in a race car at the track. They throw out some low ball price that I know they arent making squat on, so they cant possibly be paying taxes, and just to make a quick buck and go onto something else.
Our prices are very fair but when some of these guys low ball it so bad it hurts us "legitament" business that pay our taxes. Not charging State taxes is one thing, De. doesnt have sales tax, but when you dont report it to the IRS, that is a entirely different story.In the end, they are usually gone in about a year and they hurt those of us that are in it for the long haul.. Then when they are gone and that "Cheaper" system doesnt work.. they call us to fix it.:-D
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