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Burn Down Rule

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Both Cars Must Stage within 45 Seconds of Both Pre-Staged Lights.

Tires are not as safe after that amount of Time.

Three Cars in Three Months Crashed from this just at Milan!
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No its a timer when on car fully stages and the other is pre-staged.. It is set for the other guy/gal to bump in within 8 second. Chuck is talking about both cars pre-staged...
I dont think cold tires were the cause of this. Look at the video and it seems as the driver was drifting towards the wall all the way down the track. No sudden movements at all.. Wonder what the whole story is..
I really wonder if he may had been looking at Millen and was drifting without knowing it. Then the sudden boom made him jerk the wheel hard to the right.. Not sure.. It would be cool if the driver or one of his crew members could give us some insight on this so we can, as racers, race safer...
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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