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I have ALOT more pics and info on everything listed. I can be reached at 810-790-5040.
Located in Almont, MI.... but I can ship if needed.

Brodix 5.0 bore space BBC block w/cam, rods, pistons...etc
Brodix Aluminum 5.0 bore space BBC block
Came from N/A engine, never sprayed, never windowed
Custom 10.6 deck height, 4.760 bore
Clearanced for 5.750 crank
60mm cam tunnel, 1'' raised cam, 1 new extra sleeve included
Custom lifter pattern, bushed for .937 keyway lifters
Custom Camshaft included, Wescott core, can grind to your specs.
4 sets of pistons, 2 sets of rods, with pins, rings, etc...(see pics)
Pistons are CP or Diamond, Rods are GRP 6.940 long Pro Billet
* Block has a crack on second main web, i was quoted $1000 or less to weld and machine work to fix it.
Also have a set of .937 Jesel Lifters that came out of it with 24 passes on them. Also have 1/2 Trend pushrods.

$3900 for Block and Cam
$4500 for Block, Cam, 2 sets of Alum Rods and 4 sets of pistons
$6500 for ALL - Block, Cam, Rods, Pistons, Lifters, Pushrods

(NEW) BBC Sym Port Heads / intake / carbon valve covers/ etc
Heads, Intake, Rockers, Carbon Valve Covers
(NEW GM BBC Symetrical Port Head Castings #10051128. 4.840 bore space, 18* 2.400 / 1.90
(NEW) Titanium Valves (16) Intake 2.400 x 6.450, Exhaust 1.90 x 6.450 , .290 tip
(NEW) BBC Carbon Fiber Valve Covers (K&N) #100-3005
(NEW) Jesel Shaft Rockers for BBC, Symetrical Port Heads, with Stands, hardware, Pushrod tool, etc
(NEW) ARP # 235-4704 BBC Symetrical port head Stud Kit
(NEW) Fabricated Cast Manifold for GM Symetrical Port heads, Indy hemi center, welded by Razor, with fittings

$4900 for Everything (Heads, Valves, Rockers, Valve Cover, Intake Manifold, Head Studs)

BBC Aluminum Rods and Pistons

BBC GRP Alum Rods and Diamond Pistons.
Rods are GRP 5301 series, 7.050 long, .990 pin
2.325 crank bore for 2.200 crank, .1.200 wide at pin
.990 wide on big end. Both sets have about 42-44 passes N/A.
Pistons are for 4.600 bore. (2) of them have broken skirts.
16 rods( 2 matching sets) , 8 wrist pins, 8 pistons total
$200 for all

Hogan Sheet Metal / Speedtech Fogger / 2 APD Dominators

Hogan Sheet Metal Manifold (with 2 tops)
(2) SPD Dominator Carbs
Speedtech Fogger Kit (NEW)
Dual Carb Linkage
Everything is new or perfect condition.
Fits BBC 10.700 Deck, Brodix 12* heads

$3200 for ALL

BBC Comp Cams Roller Lifters

Set of 16 Comp Cams BBC Roller Lifters
Centered and offset, see pic. .842 dia , .750 wheel
Very few runs


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The rods and pistons listed for $200 have been sold. The rest is still available.
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