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OK I'll get this out of the way first...
-I've already been to the newbie thread and said hey to the ladies.
-There is no forthcoming promise of nudes in exchange for a vote.

A buddy of mine has been working on a social platform for us car guys. I'm pretty in-tune with some of the ideas being floated around and it is pretty cool. Certainly is positioned to address some of the pain points we all deal with. Now if they could just figure out a way to get me out to the shop to finish my junk it'd be alright lol.

So anyway... They have been selected as a top 10 finalist for this year's SEMA YEN Launchpad competition. This round has been put up for FB voting to determine who makes the next round of 5 finalists. I'm hoping there are enough of you sitting around on YB waiting to talk about the Danica crash to vote this phuckstick into the top 5 before voting closes tomorrow. If not, i'm gonna forever call him 2rndGary... lol

Here is a link with some background and the voting link included.

Here is direct voting link if you'd rather. His is the dark one listing Octane Media.

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