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I have finally finished the first dvd of more to come
in the near future.

This dvd features the $10,000 payout Clash of the
Champions race hosted by Brainerd Optimist Dragway.
This is a full feature race, including three rounds of
qualifying, driver introduction, quick 4 shootout,
full pass by pass eliminations with results. There is
also a bonus chapter at the end of the film featuring
two duallies!

If you have never had the pleasure of seeing "true looking" street cars with turbos, blowers, or 600-700 cubic inches of nitrous, run on true 10.5" slicks without bars, you must check this video out. These guys dont play around!

They come in a trim dvd case. They will sell for $15.
I have never done this before, so i dont claim to have
the best filming or editing techniques, which is why I
made the price lower than the rest of the market.
Everyone who has taken a sneak peek at this film has
absolutely loved it. Satisfaction guaranteed. My next
film will depend on how you guys feel about this one.
Im not in this for the money, but for the love of the
sport. So pass this news on to anyone who wants to see
real street cars rip up an eighth mile of dragstrip.

I will have these at the track, and you can also order
them right here, DVD - Clash of the Champions , via paypal. Total with
shipping to your door, will be $20.

Thanks guys! This is what the cover looks like:
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