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Brake fires are cool

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Went to a friends house yesterday and about 6 months ago he gor a 01 Dakota (V6) with 107k miles on it, the guy that had it before him put an ugly aftermarket hood on it, ricer tail lights, ricer induction system, heater the front spring to get the front end down but did not do the rears........ truck is also primerd but the tail gate is blue and it is a 5 speed....

Needed the gas tank put back in and a new year and he got that done the other day and so we took it out yesterday...... he is hispanic (truck fits him well haha) and took me to a good mexican joint (so good that they did not even speak much english), really good food but before we get there we realize that a ah few plug wires a bad........ get there and notice the left front brake is smoking pretty good......... figure it is draging some so we eat and on our way hope I about threw up my lunch due to the horible ride (springs....... yet he is replacing them) and get home and I see that it is smoking worse... we get out to find the caliper is on FIRE!!!!!!!! the garden hose made wuick work of it but it was pretty cool....... told him to put some new rotor's and calipers haha.

Sorry no pics :(
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brake fires are not cool! no fire is cool unless its would you like to be in that car when it caught i fire...
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