1. New. Borg Warner S480 Billet 80 Comp 96 Turbine T6 1.32 A/R housing billet. To big for my current setup, staying with a T4 and less than 80mm. $900. Less than the cost of a cast S480.

2. New. Precision 7675 T4 .96AR with original box. $800.

3. Precision 46mm WG new in box Part# PBO085-2000 $300 shipped.

4. Precision 50mm BOV new in box Part# PBO083-2005 $210 shipped.

5. Innovate 3913 MTX-D oil pressure and temp gauge new in box $135 shipped.

6. Turbosmart oil pressure reg Part# TS-0801-1002 new in box $105 shipped OBO.

7. Turbowerx TWX-300-12V remote electronic oil pump new in box $ 350 shipped.

8. Cortex EBC (Electronic boost controller) compete kit with exterior mini display new in box $350 shipped.

9. Brisk racing RR14s plugs. 16 of them. New in box. 115$ shipped.

10. New in sealed plastic bags in original boxes. Set of 8 Hellcat 600cc OEM Fuel Injector Part # 68170238AB $320 shipped.

please feel free to ask any questions. I can pm additional pictures if requested. Items are cross posted elsewhere too.