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well it's been years since i'm out of that trade
so once and a while i do some work , small stuff that i can do at home , i was really good back then and my old boss tried every thing to get me to stay end come back , last jub i had i work on high end stuff
por. mer. bmw firra. , never ever cut a corner , always did it right
removed every thing , and so on

any way i am very bissy with work and the house
so i tell my wife i'm going to get the car touch up at a body shop not far from my home (witch i hate doing , payingsome one for some thing i can do , and much better)

any way so i go see the head guy and ask him for a quote , not telling him i know what im talking aout , so i ask about a scatch on the door and rear bumper and the inner lip of door

so he tells me days and , it'l be good

so i ask what kind of garanty he offers for color match and rust coming back

he tells me non

i laugh at him

than i ask him if he opened the lower lip at the bottom of the door
to clean out the rust

he then tells me no , the rust is only on the top side

now , years of body work tells me he s full of shit

i tell hem id rather send my car the a body shop school with beginners

he ws pist ,

what the hell is going on with people , he gave me so much attitude ,i then tell him why you doing this job if you hate it so much , and tell your custemers you know what your doing

i told him to flip off , and i'll doing my self

man he was pist

people if you dont have any pride in ou job , or hate you job or life
move on ,other wise do it once , do it right

just wanted to rant about this fucker treing to past one over on me
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